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Se utiliza una impresora manual de etiquetas fácil para la rastreabilidad de los lotes de esterilización de personas / pacientes. Imprime la etiqueta con doble adhesivo e indicador de proceso para la esterilización con vapor.

  • Overview:
  • An easy hand-label printer is used for people/patient related traceability of sterilization batches. It print the label with double adhesive and process indicator for steam sterilization, with following informations:
    • Production date
    • Expiry date
    • Sterilization number
    • Lot number
    After sterilization, the indicator color will be changed, the label can be peeled off from the sterilized package and adhered to the patient record.
Order Code Icanlabel
Print lines 2
Content Production date, Expiry date, Sterilization number, Lot number
Labels Include 1 Roll Double Adhesive labels (500pcs) , Size 26x16mm
Indicator Pink to Brown
Ink Replaceable, life:90,000 counts
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