Experts in autoclaves

Specially designed for laboratory sterilization, making the sterilization process more leisurely, safe, accurate, the whole process can be traced and verified.

  • - Microbiology, Bio-chemistry: Sterilize culture media and liquid precisely with the integrated media sensor.
  • - Pharmacy: Sterilize hollow instruments, porous materials, packaging, plastics, rubber and textiles.
  • - Food Industry: Food preservation.
  • - Universities: Robust, ideally for any application and training operation.
  • - Material testing: Perform hundreds of cycles in succession, fully automatically without user interaction.

Sterilization materials: Instruments packed and unpacked, Porous material & textiles, Glass, Liquid in open bottles, Culture medium & agar, Rubber, Plastic, Food in open jar, Lab waste

Laboratory Autoclave

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